Houston #24 - There's a big opportunity to redefine data science tools

Find great problems to solve.

Hi, there 👋 This is Houston issue #24 and here are the five interesting problems that we found this week:

It's incredibly hard to contact your users via WhatsApp

If you're a developer, you know how incredibly hard it can be to use WhatsApp to contact your users, collect feedback, send notifications, etc.

Facebook group migration is incredibly inefficient

“Is there any product that makes it easier to migrate a Facebook group and invite the members to @SlackHQ, @discordapp, or other chat platforms? It is the one thing that keeps some people from deleting Facebook” via Pedro Souto

Switching between email/text and calendar to find a suitable meeting time is a bad experience

"Would love to see a calendar app with this workflow:

  • take screenshot of meeting request (text, email)

  • open screenshot in calendar

  • calendar parses screenshot context and populates event" via Victor Pontis

I wish I could get articles read to me similarly to how I listen to podcasts

"There are so many articles that I want to read online, but I simply don't have time given my commute. I wish I could just listen to interesting articles in the same way I listen to podcasts. I know that apps like Pocket let you do this but is computer narrated, so it sounds weird. I would definitely pay a small monthly subscription to get access to the top articles from the New York Times, New Yorker, TechCrunch, etc. narrated to me."

Jupyter Notebooks (tools data scientists use) could be a lot better

"With the rise of all of these 'prosumer' applications like Superhuman and Notion I am surprised that we haven't seen a modern and elegant tool to substitute Jupyter notebooks. The data science market seems to need a de facto tool in the same way designers have Figma and Sketch. Some interesting features to differentiate it could include seamless collaboration features, support for your IDE, etc."

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