Houston #12 - 30% of real estate is underutilized, finding friends in a new city is hard and more..

Find great problems to solve.

Hi there 👋 This is Houston issue #12 and here are the five interesting problems that we found this week:

Parking lots across the U.S. are underutilized and under-monetized

Where I live, there are a lot of parking lots and places that could be parking lots (vacant spots in the lots of churches, schools, etc.) that are underutilized and under-monetized by their owners. There must be a better way to help these owners do lot enforcement, payment collection, visitor registration, and customer support.

As a young person that just moved to a new city finding new friends is hard

I moved to New York last fall after graduating from school to start a job as a junior Product Manager. I went to school in California, and most of my friends stayed back home. I know this is a problem that every young person has, but there are just no good ways to find people like you (outside of work). Tinder is focused on hooking up, and Meetups have just not been super useful for social events.

Filing taxes as a foreigner in the U.S. is a huge pain

We need something like TurboTax or Visor for tax preparation for foreigner in the U.S. TurboTax doesn't support Form 1040NR: U.S. Nonresident Alien Income Tax Return and they recommend using Sprintax. Sprintax is the only player in the field, and their product absolutely sucks (I used it as an international student).

Coding challenges are not representative of real-world scenarios

It would be great if coding challenges would:

  • let participants git pull the code & use own editors

  • give vue.js, react, rails, Django, etc. examples

  • participants git push the changes

  • use CI and linters for scoring

  • generate easy to score report

via Andreas Klinger

Crypto projects lack a robust analytics tool

One of the biggest problems of crypto projects is that they lack actual users (as opposed to just traders). Crypto projects need the equivalent to Mixpanel or Google Analytics for understanding the usage of projects and separating those who are actually users from traders. This sort of segmentation should make it easier to find look-alike audiences, which hopefully helps with the distribution of token and incentivizing adoption.

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