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Hi there 👋 This is Houston issue #14 and here are the five interesting problems that we found this week:

If you’re an creator/influencer it’s hard to manage your presence across platforms

“A lot of creators/influencers now have an online presence spread across multiple channels. Current solutions (e.g. Buffer and Hootsuite) tend to focus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but they haven't incorporated some of the newer platform like Twitch, Patreon, YouTube, Stripe, etc. Buffer's current form is just performance and analytics. It doesn't let you DM people or see your financials.”

Finding reliable users to fill out your surveys is too time-consuming.

“Recruiting people for your customer surveys with a specific demographic and recruiting enough of them to have representative samples is incredibly time-consuming. I really wish that there was a service where I could fill out a couple of parameters and request these users on demand.”

Understanding what venture capital investors want to invest in is hard

“To an outsider, it's unclear what areas are hot and which ones aren't to VC investors. A place to discover ideas that VCs & angels want to fund today would be super useful. Unsure about how or if it could be monetized but it would be a terrific resource. If someone can then make a match between the investor and founder they could charge a scouting fee of some kind?”

For startups testing your app on multiple devices/platforms is too time consuming

“QA testing on multiple devices/platforms is still very hard especially if you're just 1-2 engineers. I wish there was a way to automatically test for a variety of cases especially on mobile.”

As a parent letting your small kids take Uber is risky

"Uber is great but if you're a parent it can still be scary to let your kids ride one to take them to soccer practice or piano lessons. I would love if I could have an Uber where other moms picked up my kids and not a random stranger"

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