Houston #16 - Personal trainers are too expensive. It's one of the last true luxury goods..

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Hi there 👋 This is Houston issue #16 and here are the top five problems from the site

Hiring a personal trainer is expensive

Personal trainers are one of the last few things that’s reserved to the ultra-wealthy and celebrities. Uber democratized chauffeurs so who’s doing the same for personal trainers? Virtual AI assistants probably won’t cut it in this case, but some sort of telepresence service could make a service like this scalable. New technologies and sensors like the Apple Watch might make it possible to give trainers detailed information on how their clients are doing even if they are not literally with them in the same gym.

Counting calories when you eat out is too inconvenient

If you’re on a diet, counting calories is something that you’re probably doing. However, the hardest part about counting calories is that when you go out, you don’t exactly know what you’re eating. Most restaurants do not appear on MyFitnessPal and similar databases. People already take pictures of what they eat so potentially doing this and figuring out what the food is could help people get an approximation of how many calories they’re eating. This might be a potential solution.

A tool that tells you whether an image has been photoshopped or not

It would be really useful to be able to upload an image to a site/app and know whether and even how that image has been photoshopped. This story really made realize how valuable this could be for journalist and not just for people who are curious to see if their friend’s insta picture is photoshopped.

A lightweight personal CRM to manage my contacts

This is something that I feel everyone has wanted forever, but we never really end up getting. I’ve played with a couple of CRMs, but none seem to fit the bill. They are either too complicated, require too much manual input, or are just too complicated. In the age of Superhuman and Notion, it’s incredible that someone hasn’t Notion’d or Superhuman’d the personal CRM

Accepting bank payments directly rather than using Stripe is something that doesn't exist

I am working on a project where we do small transactions (i.e. $1-5) and we use Stripe to process payments. The problem with this is that when you have low purchase price you lose anywhere from 20-30% on fees! That’s crazy! It’s specially crazy when you consider that many of these are recurrent charges made by small creators. A tool that allows you to charge your user’s bank account directly will be amazing!

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